Pioneers of Progress
Digitalization of Agriculture

Silverleafe’s mission is to modernize agriculture. This modernization consists of shifting harvesting methods from hand picking to machine picking, and also moving towards the digitalization of agricultural data, the latter of which will help farmers make informed decisions on how to increase yields and operate more efficiently.

Silverleafe’s utilization of its John Deere CP690 cotton pickers enables it to maximize picking efficiency by minimizing picking time and unloading.

Creating New Industry for Displaced Hand Labor

With new technology – no matter how beneficial it is – comes displaced labor. While most corporations creating or bringing the new technology would not be concerned with the wellbeing of those whose jobs the new technology is rendering obsolete, Silverleafe understands the repercussions of this change and is dedicated to minimizing them.

In a season, a single CP690 can harvest the same amount of cotton that ____ hand pickers can in the same amount of time. Silverleafe realized that in order to properly address this displacement, it had to create not a factory or business but rather new industry. This new industry is structured around the Paulownian tree and will provide the displaced former hand pickers with jobs in Paulownian tree nurseries, forests, pellet mills, and furniture factories.

Empowering Women

As a company bringing modernization to Uzbekistan, Silverleafe believes that change must be applied to more than just agricultural machinery and practices. In March of 2020, Silverleafe created the Silverleafe Women’s Fund for Innovation & Development, an initiative to promote women’s independence through education, entrepreneurship, microfinancing, and technology. In September of 2020, Silverleafe became the first cotton cluster in Central Asia to employ women as tractor operators. Silverleafe is committed to empowering women and believes that an individual’s merit should always take precedent over social or cultural norms.

In June of 2020, Silverleafe became the official sponsor for Sogdiana Women Jizzakh, Silverleafe’s regional women’s soccer club. Silverleafe modernizing agriculture also means modernizing mentality. In this way, Silverleafe is empowering young women. Silverleafe believes in giving the opportunity, support, training and resources to the women in its community to change their position in life and improve their conditions.