Press conference at National Children’s Medical Center

On February 19, Dan Patterson and his wife Chris were invited by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan to attend a press conference at the National Children’s Medical Center in Tashkent on the development of children’s oncology and hematology services in Uzbekistan.
During their visit, the director of the center, Sharipov Alisher Mirhamidovich, conducted a familiarization tour of the new departments, pediatric hematology and oncology, as well as a modern laboratory that allows you to receive test results within 15 minutes.
After the presentation, Dan Patterson had a discussion with the Deputy Minister of Health, Elmira Basitkhanova, about further cooperation of Silverleafe with the Ministry for the joint development of humanitarian projects in the country.
During the conversation with the press, Dan Patterson noted that he has seen rapid development in Uzbekistan in all areas of activity over the past three years. He is extremely proud to be a part of this new chapter in the history of the Republic.
Watch the full interview on February 20th on TV channel “O’zbekistan 24” during the evening news.

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photo 2021 02 19 16 32 02 1