reporting event of the professional women’s football club “Sogdiana”

On Sunday, February 14, Dan Patterson and the Silverleafe team celebrated the season of Sogdiana Women’s Football Club.
The year 2020 was a challenge for everyone. Sogdiana’s young, ambitious and determined girls, who understand football not only as a game and competition, but also as the main source of their income to support themselves and their families, found themselves in a difficult situation.
Having attended one of the games in July last year, Dan Patterson made an immediate decision to take over the patronage of the team and organize an alliance of companies from its partners and from Uzbekistan’s agricultural industry in order to open a new page in history — the first sponsorship program in Uzbekistan to support women’s football.
On the wave of new enthusiasm, the girls showed amazing results and won 3rd place in Uzbekistan’s Women’s Football Championship.
Silverleafe’s team supports the girls not only with sponsorship, but also as members of our own family.
Silverleafe wishes Sogdiana Women’s Football Club all the best for the upcoming season!
Together we are a force!

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