Round table with Deputy Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, S. Safoev at Silverleafe Cluster

On April 20, 2021, the First Deputy Chairman of Senate of the Oliy Majlis , S. Safoev, and the General Director of Silverleafe, Dan Patterson, held a meeting at the Silverleafe agrocluster, at Pakhatakor District, Jizzakh Region. During the meeting they discussed the creation of a legal framework for the activities of clusters in Uzbekistan.

This event was also attended by members of Senate of the Oliy Majlis, representatives of Khokimiyat of the Jizzakh region, chairmen of clusters and experts in agriculture industry.

During the round table, Dan Patterson spoke about the advantages of innovating agriculture through digitalization. Mr. Patterson also discussed the issues of improving the organizational, legal and economic structure of the cluster system.

According to the representatives of the Chamber of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, the proposals and opinions expressed at the event will be reflected in the draft documents on the regulation of cluster activities.

On April 16, the Sogdiana Women’s Professional Football team of Jizzakh Region, together with the General Sponsor and head of Silverleafe, Dan Patterson, visited the orphanage No. 29 in Jizzakh city.

The friendly visit of the football team was the second meeting with children of the orphanage and with the girl, Shabbona, who will take a treatment in United States, Memphis with the support of Dan Patterson and the Embassy of Uzbekistan in US.

Silverleafe’s relationship in bringing St. Jude Global to Uzbekistan and sponsoring Ezgu Amal, a local children’s oncology charity, by organizing the country’s first charity ball, will enable existing lifesaving protocols and treatments for the eradication of childhood cancers to ultimately be administered in Uzbekistan. Children with leukemia treated by St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in the USA have a cure rate of 94% compared to the same diagnosis and cure rate of <10% in Uzbekistan. Silverleafe is committed to improving and protecting life.

Silverleafe is the official sponsor for Sogdiana Women Jizzakh, Silverleafe’s regional women’s soccer club. Silverleafe modernizing agriculture also means modernizing mentality. In this way, Silverleafe is empowering young women. Silverleafe believes in giving the opportunity, support, training and resources to the women in its community to change their position in life and improve their conditions.

Silverleafe engaged in a safety project for the main highway M39 by providing 35 solar powered streetlights for the median in order to bring safety to the main section of highway by its ginning operation. Each past year, life has been lost due to automobile crashes during the harvest season. Silverleafe is committed to improving and protecting life.

As a company bringing modernization to Uzbekistan, Silverleafe believes that change must be applied to more than just agricultural machinery and practices. In March of 2020, Silverleafe created the Silverleafe Women’s Fund for Innovation & Development, an initiative to promote women’s independence through education, entrepreneurship, microfinancing, and technology. Silverleafe is the first cotton cluster in Central Asia to employ women as tractor operators. Silverleafe is committed to empowering women and believes that an individual’s merit should always take precedent over social or cultural norms.

Silverleafe has provided infrastructural improvements to the local community of Tumaris by changing their main dirt road into a professionally leveled gravel road so that the villagers would have access to a smooth and modern road.

Silverleafe has also provided streetlights for the local village of Mingchinor as well as provided new pumps and motors for their drinking water pump station. This contribution has allowed the citizens of Mingchinor to access drinking water daily rather than accessing it every other day for two hours; thus, increasing their quality of life.